Tribeca Loft
The Cho residence at 79 Laight street is located within a historic land-marked sugar warehouse in New York city's Tribeca neighborhood. The modern interior plays of the dichotomy between old and new through the use of subtle curvatures in the surfaces that peal away to reveal warm materials and existing infrastructure behind. Fully integrated custom cabinetry hold a variety of programmatic elements including informal eating areas, several work stations, a wine bar, a library and a tv and entertainment area. The surfaces are made of thermoformed polished Corian over walnut infill.
Sterling Place
"Though modest in size, scope and budget, this once heavily partitioned apartment is transformed by the insertion of a volumetric armature that creates spatial diversity in the absence of traditional rooms. Unlike the orthogonal constraints characterizing typical means of enclosure, this new and dynamic armature is flexible, continuous, and has the ability to change scale. Here, transparency is not so much the focus as is the framing of views as one moves from space to space. As a result, new connections between previously isolated rooms are formed, developing a visually rich experience that adds layers of complexity to the space."
-- L/AND/A Architecture 
127 Madison
Located between 30th and 31st street on Madison Ave in NYC. The twelve story 21,000 square foot residential development integrates the existing brick infrastructure with a modern insertion. Prefabricated steel framed window boxes are projected out side of the existing building envelopes creating a full-length continuous sitting sill within. The two upper Penthouse spaces are made up of cantilevered steel and glass-stacked boxes with traversing spandrels clad in a prefabricated zinc façade system. The spaces within maximized light penetration from the East and West facades through the use of skylights on a stepped floor plate and windows that project beyond the building envelope. The finishes within contrast warm walnut wood floors and details with sleeker white lacquer and stone.
Switchback House
"The Switchback House is a prototype for the new urban family, inverting the traditional rowhouse in two primary ways. One, by replacing a stacked stair with a switchback stair, and two, inserting a dramatic skylight directly above the new vertical stair volume. This subtle but strategic transformation provides natural light throughout the house, illuminating each level, and eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day. Additionally, the efficiency of the switchback design eliminates the typical hallway that, in the past, linked stacked stairs, and instead  replaces it with a void, permitting adjacent rooms visual access to the light filtering down from above."
-- L/AND/A Architecture
Harlem Townhouse
 "2500 Sf Harlem townhouse was transformed from a condemned building to this warm modernist home. innovative use of stock finishes kept the project budget minimal. The house is located in a flood zone and had to be raised in its place. 
Micro Loft
"This 400 square foot studio apartment is converted into a flexible live work space by adding a sleeping loft, a deployable dining table, and a combination of breakfast bar and desk area which are designed as two floating Corian surfaces which slip past one another and curve in two directions."
-- Gradient Architecture
123 House
"Gut renovation and two story addition on an 1890's row house in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood. The design of this townhouse sets out to utilize natural, reclaimed, and common materials in a contemporary fashion."
-- Gradient Architecture 
Dumbo Loft
"This industrial loft conversion combines two penthouse units into a single flexible living and workspace. The concept is to create highly flexible programmatic spaces that can be modified based on their use."
-- Gradient Architecture